Grandscape® is produced with only the highest quality raw materials from the lumber industry. It naturally breaks down providing the soil with nutrients to improve it’s tilth and moisture holding capabilities. This results in healthier, happier plants.

Grandscape® is color enriched with environmentally and pet safe organic colorants. It is produced with 40% more dye than the industry standard giving this mulch vibrant color all season long.

* Available in Double or Triple Processed

        - Double has a fluffy shredded texture.
        - Triple is processed a third time to create a mulch with a fine consistent texture that is unmatched.

* Reduces weed growth saving hours of laborious weeding

* Maintains uniform moisture conditions by decreasing water loss through evaporation

* Available in bulk and 2 cubic foot bags

* For best results, allow at least 24 hours with NO precipitation and NO contact with water after installation. This will allow the mulch to maintain its superior color all season long.

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